Artist Info
name: Clint Carney
location: Los Angeles, CA

I have been drawing and painting since I was very young. My art is hanging in several galleries throughout the US and in countless private collections around the world. My published work include a series of serial killer portraits done for Serial Killer Magazine, as well as feature and cover artwork for Macabre Cadaver magazine. My work is also featured in the new Wes Craven movie, "Scream 4," and the upcoming Cameron Crowe movie, "We Bought a Zoo."

I am also the singer/song-writer for the bands SYSTEM SYN and FAKE and I play keyboards in the bands IMPERATIVE REACTION and GOD MODULE.

When I'm not painting or working on music, I enjoy writing fiction, tattooing, and dabbling in special effects make-up.

I am a member of the art collective, "Blood and Oil."


Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see more videos of my painting process, as I release them.

Time-lapse painting "Rat"

Live Painting with Cam Rackam at a Blood & Oil Event
hosted by Hyaena Gallery

Time-lapse painting "Spurt"

Time-lapse painting (comissioned art)

Time-lapse painting

Time-lapse painting

Interview for Mish Mash Mag

Interview for America's Bad Kids